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Wed, 02 Mar 2011
Blood of Vampira
Dear Readers, The third Book in my "Powers" series is now available here on Amazon and other ebook stores. The paperback should be out within a couple of months. Hope you will enjoy -"Powers: Book Three - Blood of Vampira!" It is also the longest novel I've written so far. I know I had great fun in writing it. I hope you will have just as much fun in reading it. Thanks to all my fans out there! And for your wonderfull feedback.
Posted 11:06


Great website, wonderful book...
Elaine/Sayndee, This is great! Love the art work and Logan looks fierce! Love the contrasts. Will visit often.
Posted by Serena15

I LOVED the book! So many surprising twists and turns and Logan...oh Logan...pity I wasn't Judy! LOL! Not one boring minute. Will definitely buy the next one.
Posted by Serena15

hey, grama! luved this book, looking forward to being able to have the privlage of reading ur next 1. love, Vivabop
Posted by Vivian

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